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Longarm Quilting, Machine Servicing and Online Store

 Retail Location Closed as of December 23rd, 2022
Online Store to re-open July 1, 2023
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Well folks, its a wrap!!!

Well folks, its a wrap. 

Perhaps it is the unlucky number thirteen. This is our 13th year in business and it has been a doozy. 

It's time to make some changes. The Universe has been trying to send me a message, and in true Dutch spirit, i was  not listening. In truth the messages have been coming in for awhile.  

This last year has been one of many changes and challenges for my family. We have had more sorrow and loss than our share, health challenges and celebrations.  It has been a time of momentous shift. 

At an industry convention a few years back a pattern designer told me something interesting. She said "People like us get into this industry because we love it. We turn our passion into our job and suddenly we no longer have time for the things that brought us joy". 

She was not wrong. That story has played out over and over again in many different iterations in many conversations with those in this industry.  The minutia of running a business has a way of sinking you into the quagmire of diddly-poo. Suddenly you no longer have time to create, or teach, or learn. Your days are filled with ordering, entering, paying bills, and taking calls.

It is time to close my retail store and move on to a new stage in my life.  I know it sounds cliché to say I need to spend more time with family but it couldnt be more true. In the last year we lost both my Dad and my father-in-law, an aunt and two cousins.  The phrase "life is too short.... " comes to me all too often. Sometimes it is just about eating ice cream, but there are so many things I have been spread too thin to do. Things I want to do, like spend more time with my Hubby. Hubby has recently retired and we would like to travel while we can.

I will continue to service and setup machines. I will also spend more time longarming for customers, and hopefully teaching and designing. 

I have enjoyed meeting and sharing with my customers and friends over the years. I have lived vicariously through you, picking patterns and fabrics, sharing success and learning from mistakes, shared your sorrows and joys, watched you learn and grow. It has been my reason to continue this journey.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and learning from some of the best educators in the industry. I have enjoyed it all, and felt invigorated by the gifts they have shared.  It is time for me to play, to rekindle the joy. 

I thank you all for your support and friendship over the years. 

Sending Light and Love, 



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