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Central Alberta's Handiquilter and Husqvarna Viking Dealer

Summer Hours 10:30 am - 4:30 pm 
Tuesday - Thursday


Spring is finally here!!!

I am finding it all very hard to believe. After an endless winter it seems we have jumped right into summer. Looking outside things don’t quite mesh though. While the temperatures of the last few days has been well into the twenties, the trees haven’t leaved out yet, and the ice isn’t off the lake. This will be the week though as the forecast is glorious! The birds around my place have setup quite a skwackcophany as they seem to be as excited as us! Those who had the good fortune to attend Harriet’s retreat I’m sure found the beautiful weather and scenery a real treat after the long interminable winter. We were joined by a lovely group of ladies from Spruce Grove on Saturday who arrived by bus early enough to hit Blokes Bakery for appeasement gifts for loved ones at home waiting their return with bags loaded with goodies after a successful shop hop!

Today is a work at home day again, and this time the conditions are much better. We had a lovely visit with Al’s parents from Prince Albert this last weekend, and today my three dogs have checkup’s in town, so it just didn’t make sense to be driving back and forth all day. I find writing the newsletter to be a challenge, so sitting at the kitchen table with the house quiet, windows open and birds chirping is just the kind of environment I need. This newsletter has been waiting for creative inspiration, and a few moments of uninterrupted focus for it to take form. Today is the day!

Mother’s day is coming in less than a week and I hope all those in your life are planning. My kids have been working on elaborate plans in my yard and house and I think I am going to need blinders to keep from looking in all the places I’m not supposed to go. Our Husqvarna spring flyer has been out for awhile, and we have extended our’s to the end of May. People sometimes ask why we only carry Husqvarna machines, and for me the reasons are simple. For starters I believe in the quality and features of our machines. The other reason is that Husqvarna has a very robust line-up of machines that are easy to use and cover every budget. We have machines starting at $169 and going right up the the amazing Designer Diamond Deluxe at $8499. We are here to help you with training, accessories and service, so while you may find cheaper disposable machines out there, you won’t find local service like we can provide. If you are in the market for a new machine, for whatever reason, please come by and take a look. We don’t oversell, and we will give you honest information about the products you are looking at.

As we head into spring and summer we find that classes slow down. Everyone is anxious to get their gardens in and enjoy the weather. The class schedule will be lighter, however if there is something that you would like to have a class on let us know and we will try to put it together for you. If you have a small group coming out to the lake and want a class or your daughters/mother/sisters coming for a visit we can try to work with your schedule and get something going for you. We need a minimum of 4 to pay for an instructor, however with a slight premium we can make it work for 2 or three also.

Sometimes it seems like things just work out and were meant to be. I have been hoping to get some kids classes going and just couldn’t find the time or an instructor to help with this. Recently, while talking to one of our guest instructors the topic came up, and she confessed to having an interest in this area. Apparently she has been teaching sewing to 4H groups for years. Who knew? This spring we will be having some week day classes for young people aged 8 – 16. We are also planning some weekend classes for young people who are in school during the week. If you have children that would be interested in this type of thing, please let us know. Leave us some information about them like age, interests, schedule availability and we will see what we can put together. We are hoping to carry these classes into the fall.
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